What Accessories to Wear With a Cocktail Dress

When going to a formal dinner or gala event, there is no outfit more appropriate than a cocktail dress for ladies. And with some adornment and additional accessories, the dress will look even better. These are some helpful ideas which will show you the best way to dress up your dress, and look gorgeous when you go out in it.

Begin with lovely earrings. A cocktail dress is the ice cream, and in order to complete the sundae, you need great jewelry. A pair of drop earrings goes well with a cocktail dress. Select earrings which feature gemstones – genuine or faux – such as rubies and diamonds. If ever you need to justify purchasing such accessories, keep in mind that they are very fashionable now and will still be in the future, and can be paired with almost anything – including that little black dress.

Complement it with a matching necklace. A dress is best paired with appropriate earrings and necklace as accessories. These two go together! Your dress will draw more attention if only a necklace which is single stranded and has a diamond or stone is worn, rather than making yourself over dressed with heavy jewellery. To complement your cocktail dress, you can choose one with coloured stones or beads.

A bracelet is something you might consider wearing. Each person has their own style-bracelets might not be your thing. If you can wear them without discomfort, then they’re a great complement to any cocktail dress. If you are already wearing some bold jewelry, choose simple bracelets to wear with your outfit. You might prefer to wear either the necklace or bracelet, but not both. You can accessorize your wrist with a diamond or pearl bracelet which would give you sparkle, even better if your earrings match your bracelet.

Find the perfect soft purse. It’s never proper to attend a cocktail affair without the proper purse accessorizing your dress. Even a small one will be enough, as long as your lipstick, tissue and other just as small things will fit inside. Once more, stay with the overall theme. If your outfit features beads, choose a beaded clutch to complement your ensemble. The best match for your gemstone jewelry would be a sleek black clutch purse with a few rhinestones on it. Anything with a strap should be avoided. The goal is to make your dress and accessories look as classy as possible.

Brooches and Pins – Ways to Use Them Other Than As Jewelry

Look around your house and through your accessories wardrobe. Be sure to include your stored Christmas decorations and other holiday home goods. You will be surprised at how many objects you have around your house that will be enhanced with a splash of rhinestone sparkle, colorful bead work, or even simple stamped brass collage pins.

Lay out your chosen goodies along with your collected brooches and see how they can work together in style and color coordination.

Here are a few options to consider:

On Fabric Belts: Pinned to the fabric webbing on a belt near the D-ring or closure a brooch can add interest to an outfit.

On handbags: Have a handbag that could use some dressing up? Pin on a brooch for a customized statement.

On scarves and shawls: Not a new idea, but a fancy brooch pinning a scarf to a coat on the lapel is prettier than a safety pin onside the collar. It will also prevent your losing the scarf.

On window treatments: Stick pins are an interesting way to tie back a lace panel.

Pillows: A flash of rhinestone or colored glass on a decorative pillow can dress up any occasional chair.

On tote bags: Why not use a pine to close the top of a tote bag? This is a security option as well – open tote bags are easy marks for pickpockets.

Do you wear hats? Felt hats as well as knitted hats are an ideal spot on which to add a stylish embellishment, and they are a fun place to add a bit of silliness if you wish to make a humorous statement.

Having a dinner party? Fancy up the dinner table with a brooch pinned at the corners of your tablecloth. This will also keep your tablecloth from sliding by adding a bit of weight at the corners.

Dress up a Christmas Stocking: Pinning brooches and pins to a Christmas stocking can give a bit of enchantment to a long-used Christmas accessory.

Christmas tree ornaments: If the pin or brooch is not too heavy for the branch, why not position rhinestone brooches in such a way that the lights on the tree reflect their light into the room. A wire Christmas ornament hanger can be easily used by threading it between the pin back and the brooch itself.

Wreaths and evergreen sprays: If you wreath or spray is indoors or protected from the elements, you could pin a fancy brooch on to the bow of your wreath or evergreen spray for a touch of elegance.

These are just a few ideas of how to make use of your non-valuable costume jewelry and colorful baubles which might otherwise just rest in your jewelry box unused.

What’s Trendy & Fashionable This Winter?

Now that winter is here, it’s time to stock up on warm and fashionable attire for that canine member of the family. There are some great new fashion trends perfect for cold weather. Here are some ideas of what’s trendy right now in dog clothes and accessories:

Denim works well for transitioning from fall into winter. It’s versatile with different types of fabrics and great for almost any occasion. Some of the more popular denim articles include embroidered jackets, dresses and skirts with frilly lace, and dungarees with t-shirts.
Fleece lined jackets trimmed with fur
Must have colors in your dog’s wardrobe include earthy brown and orange tones, purples, blush pink and olive green. Teal is popular right now as well.
Look for jackets trimmed with faux fur, faux suede and feathers
For year-end parties many canine fashion designers predict that soft romantic looks in velvet and satin accented with lace and faux fur will be all the rage.
For outdoor wear, consider a trench coat made of corduroy, tweed or mohair
Hoodies are also very popular this winter and available in multiple styles and colors
Don’t forget the bling! When it comes to jewelry collar tags and charms will be a hot item, as will silver bones on leather collars with matching leashes. For Christmas, consider charms in red & green.

Not surprisingly, many designers who have made their mark in Hollywood over the years have taken advantage of their status and dominate the dog fashion market as well. Some very popular brand names include Christian Audigier, Ed Hardy, Juicy Couture, Louis Dog, and Chrome Bones.