Fashionable and Stylish Bags For Today’s Trends

Today, fashionable and stylish accessories gives people something to talk about, whether it is accessories for men or women. Some of these product were celebrity-inspired. Fashion Designer Handbags for instance, these are chick and pretty creation inspired by Hollywood celebrities. These handbags includes very stylish feature yet elegant, an ideal accessories to complete the fashionable personality of today’s ladies.

Exotic Patchwork Convertible Clutch. Clutches are typically compact-look but don’t get fooled by it, this exotic clutch has plenty of pockets to accommodate girls’ night-out and party baubles – this is sure to be the center of attraction. Exotic Patchwork Convertible Clutch is perfect to be worn by girls with their high-heeled boots and designer jeans or mini-skirts. These are available in black and red, featuring a wild leather-like patchwork pattern including a detachable shoulder strap. Among its amenities, this bag reveal its inside built-in credit cards slots, and a driver’s license pocket with display window.

Ribbon Beach Bucket Bag. For ladies who loved beach hopping, this ribbon beach bucket bag is fantastic! It offers so much convenience when it comes to arranging and organizing beach essentials while keeping a fashionable look. An accessory that gives an easy transition from a day under the sun to a dinner party, this pretty stylish bag has features all the right moves! It includes a gorgeous gold-metallic ribbon accent, complemented by gold hardware on the should straps. It has an interior drawstring closure and is made from jute, a tropical plant integrating other natural fibers like canvas, straw, silk, hemp and raffia.

Sinclaire Satchel Bag. An elegant choice of designer bag for professional women. Made from microfiber, this bag easily transition from office wardrobe to evening attire. A great choice for gifts for ladies in any occasions. This is embellished with chic buckle details, this bag gives you a one of a kind classic sophistication and trendy appeal on or off your work place. A gorgeous purse, boasts iridescent silver patent leather details and silver hardware studs beg to be worn by working ladies with their designer jeans and cool boots. Very versatile and timeless, this bag is a truly remarkable add-on to any ensembles.

Jennifer Leather Large Purse. Another classic, sophisticated-look accessory to complete a working outfit as well as evening attire. This is an animal-friendly faux-leather handbag that is virtually indistinguishable from the real thing, comes with brass details making a timeworn look for ladies while carrying their daily essentials with elegance.

These are few choices of fashion purses inspired by hottest celebrities today, there are immeasurable accessories that aren’t for night-outs, parties and work only. You can find personalized travel bags that allows you to carry travel necessities with style. Or perhaps, personalized cosmetic bags that are simply beautiful, versatile enough to keep your cosmetics while on travel. Of course to make it unique, have then personalize with your initials embroidered or monogrammed on it. These items can make an ideal gift for ladies during their birthdays, graduation, anniversaries and even gifts for bridesmaids and maid of honors at weddings.

Staying Fashionable And Stylish As You Grow Older

No matter what age we are there is always a time in our life that we want to look our very best. Granted the older we get the less these times are as we feel less pressure to be at the cutting edge of fashion and style. But, there are still occasions when we like to put a little style and effort into being ourselves, more to show the world that we can still do it rather than showing the world how it is done. As we will have all seen through our own eyes our parents were the last people on the planet that we would have taken fashion advise from when we were growing up, I am sure that we have all been embarrassed by our parents fashion style when we were growing up, vowing never to make the same mistakes that they made when we grew up. As we ourselves grow older and fashion becomes less about trying to influence the world in what we wear and how we style ourselves but more about dressing in a style and fashion that we are comfortable in, not necessarily with the intention of embarrassing the kids.

Unlike the generation that our parents grew up in our generation is bombarded by advice and influences from such areas of the media as the television and from magazines so we are more aware than ever of what we should be wearing to be seen to be fashionable. The snag with all of this is that if you are aging and appear to be wearing all the latest fashions which maybe designed for a slightly younger generation you can appear to be someone trying to hang on to last throws of their youth in a very desperate manner. As you get older the trick with fashion is to try to blend in some new more fashionable items of clothing in with garment s that people recognize as more from your own generation and style, this way you can appear both stylish and keep your dignity.

A simple way to add a touch of style to any outfit that you choose to wear, whether it be at the cutting edge of fashion or just your own interpretation of fashion is to add accessories to your dress. Many items such as handbags, scarves, belts, hats and sunglasses are seen as luxury items in the fashion world and can be used to add a touch of style and value to any outfit that you are wearing. Of course the same rules apply with accessories as with any fashion item, it should match and compliment the rest of your outfit.

Sunglasses are a sure fire way of adding a touch of style and elegance to any outfit. We have all seen images of Italian ladies and gentlemen looking like style personified taking an evening stroll arm in arm and wearing sunglasses that look a million dollars.

Sunglasses create an aurora that is hard to be beaten by any other fashion accessory, a good set of stylish eyewear [] sunglasses can go a long way to make an ordinary outfit look like an extra special outfit. Good quality designer sunglasses are hard to beat but there are so many cheaper makes on the market that are affordable and offer the same good look as the more costly options available. If you cannot afford a pair of the more expensive brands then do not be afraid to go for a more affordable make, they will still add more than a subtle touch of refinement to your look, which is more than I could ever say about my parents dress sense.

Mother’s Day Fair Trade, Artisan Jewelry and Accessory Gift Guide

This Mother’s Day consider purchasing a piece of fair trade jewelry or accessory for mom that matches her personality perfectly. This gift guide makes finding that perfect gift for mom easier this year.

The gift guide provides suggestions for the following personality types:
Chi Moms
Glamour Moms
Classic Moms
Green Moms
Retro Moms
Tribal Moms

Follow this guideline and you’ll have mom wondering how you ever found such a perfect gift.

Gifts for Chi Moms
Does your mom love yoga and seeks harmony and balance in her life?

Look for artisan jewelry pieces that will promote peace and harmony in her daily life. Fair Trade and artisan jewelry suggestions include Harmony Ball pendants or earrings or choose a piece of artisan jewelry made with a semi precious stones with healing properties such as:

Agate – soothes emotions and pain
Amethyst – promotes balance, inner peace, healing and positive transformation
Citrine – Induces confidence and optimism in relationships
Lapis Lazuli – Highly spiritual stone can be used in meditation. Helps to release karmic debts, heals emotional wounds and cleanses the aura.

Mom will be pleased with the harmony you brought into her life.

Gifts for Classic Moms
The classic mom is always so refined and polished like her style icons Audrey Hepburn or Jackie O., we can’t help but look at her classic beauty and admire.

Artisan jewelry and accessory suggestions for the classic mom include a silk scarf, pashima shawl, strand of pearls or earrings, semi precious stone jewelry or timeless sterling silver jewelry.

The classic mom will love how these pieces are perfectly suited for her classic lady look.

Gifts for Glamour Moms
Do you have a glamour mom? You know the one, she’s always flipping through the pages every fashion magazine she can get her hands on. She’s out shopping for the latest fashions the minute they hit the stores.

If your mom is the glamour mom make sure you look for artisan jewelry pieces in line with the latest fashion trends. A few artisan jewelry suggestions are:
Chandelier earrings – this season the jewelry focus is on the ear. Big, bold and long.
Bangles in every style or color, she can stack them up her arm for an authentic runway look.
Statement or layered necklace – big and chunky or a variety of necklaces piled together to get that trendy layered look.

Your glamour mom will be giggling with glee.

Gifts for Green Moms
If you have a eco-friendly mom, you know the one, she never reaches for bottled water perfering to drink tap water, she uses organic ingredients in cooking and cycles or walks rather than driving an SUV.

Look for jewelry pieces that are fair trade and eco friendly such as tagua seed jewelry from South America, recycled paper magazines made into bracelets and necklaces, eco recycled plastic handbags or beach bags, artisan jewelry colored with vegetable dye or any accessory made from recycled materials.

Selecting one of these gifts will have her eco friends green with envy.

Gifts for Retro Moms
Oh retro moms must be so happy this season. Retro couldn’t be more in. Every decade is in style. Especially the styles from the 70s and 80s. If you have a retro mom seek out retro inspired artisan jewelry pieces such as colored resin or plastic bangles, necklaces and earrings for an 80s look or long beaded necklaces for a 70 boho look.

Retro moms will smile in memory of the fun she had back in the day.

Gifts for Wild Tribal Moms
The wild tribal mom is free and wild at heart. She loves tribal influences and may have been a wild cat in a former life. She likes tribal ethnic fashion styles. If you have a tribal mom look for artisan jewelry pieces which are authentically made by African, Asian or South American tribes. She’ll love the authenticity of the piece.